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Online LUG for Business

There are two Linux user groups in Fort Wayne Indiana. This one was founded by Joe Rice about  years ago when he was in high school. He is now a software engineer. The other LUG is well established and I am a member of that group and you can be too. They can be reached at: 

Back to this LUG. I would like to keep this LUG going to support beginning users and business users. I am a novice and have had many challenges with computers, networks and programing. I have found some resources and learned a few things I am willing to share. Participation in this LUG isn't limited by your location or any meeting attendance. I'll try to build a presence that will facilitate and accomadate all users online as well as local users in Fort Wayne Indiana.

Your participation is encouraged use my e-mail below to communicate, volunteer with building or maintaining the site or to submit: media, material, comments, questions, links, you name it!. The software is amazing and very robust. I have some challenges with the learning curve as I try to get the individual computers to grow into a system that can support a small business.

I have a server running Ubuntu 8.04 and a desk top running Ubuntu 9.10. I use putty, and webmin but I need to learn more about command line instructions, setting up FTP transfers and the file system structure in general.

My current projects  are:

Redo the OS on my server with the new 10.04 version of Ubuntu with KVM to virtualize the server.

My goal is to host web sites, an intranet with web e-mail and file sharing, a terminal server and a virtual PBX


I will e-mail corropsondence about what I'm doing with Linux or to hear about what your doing or having problems with. . The other LUG in Fort Wayne Indiana, we'll call them LUG1, sends e-mail from time to time about meetings and general information. 

Joe Fitzgerald, OneVirtPlace, 707 Leesburg Road, Fort Wayne IN 46808, jffw<at>  or 260-432-9200