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What is Linux?
Well Linux is a free open source 32 bit operating system("Yes its free"). In 1991 a College Student in Finland release it too the world. That student was Linus Trovalds. Since then hundreds of programers have added and improved it. Now Linux is spreading like wild fire, more and more users boot up everyday on a Linux system. Linux can have a GUI or "Graphical User Interface". i.e like windows Linux can run on many platforms: Alpha, PowerPC, Sparc, Intel and all Intel clones.

You might ask. Well its FREE, and it has never crashed for me, or anyone eles I now that use's it. It can run Quake and Quake2 and you can get them free too. Linux can also be installed on a computer that also has other OS's runing on it. Linux has all the power of NT and none of the price. It is Open source, That means if you want to you can see how it works, and change it, unlike other OS's which i won't mention("initials are D. O. S. and 95/98.")

Where to get it.
Well ther are many ways to get Linux. Well the simplest way is just to go and buy a prebundled package on CD or Floppy. You can also buy books that come with versions of Linux. You can down load them from various FTP, and HTTP Sites. Or may be find some one who has it all ready and is willing to share.

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Created: 07/19/99
Updated: 08/18/09